We capture the beauty, purity and vulnerability of your child and maternity

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We capture the beauty, purity and vulnerability of your child and maternity

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Fotografía para padres



10:00 - 14:00

Centro Mi Matrona
El Palo - Málaga - 29017

Avenida Juan Sebastian Elcano, 139 - 1B

Esquina Arroyo Jabaneros

(frente comisaría Policía Nacional El Palo)

Precio 75€


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To contract a session, contact us right now.
Sessions with new-born babies should be done between the 5th and 14th day of life..

For the rest of babies and children it is enough to contact one or two weeks ahead of the desired date.
If you are not sure about which are the best dates or need more information, don't hesitate to contact us.

As child photographers and as parents we know that children are "here and now", that children are pure energy, they are pure emotion. In our images we try to capture and tell you these emotions through the energy that they give off, bringing us very little little by little his big world. In order to achieve this, we need time and patience.
The sessions The sessions usually last between one hour and two and a half hours. These sessions are mostly in the evenings, in locations that we will inform you at the moment of specifying the dates.

We can proudly affirm that our sessions are led by your best wishes for your baby. From our first contact with you, the parents, we try to clarify every aspect you will go through during the session: clothing, complements, the place or length of the session.

An important point to have in mind: a pregnancy session is different from a baby session. They have different needs in terms of time, variety of attrezzo, lighting conditions, etc.

Another important aspect of a photo session is time. Basically, our sessions are not limited in time. It's essential for the process that you are relaxed and feel comfortable altogether. This requires some time.

Our sessions take from 30 minutes to about 2 hours. For newborn and small babies, things are different: they are the ones that set the pace of the session, and the rest of us are at their disposal. Recuerden, en Málaga Baby Photography we capture the beauty, purity and vulnerability of your child and maternity...

For pregnancy sessions we will send you via email a small guide to try to eliminate as many questions as possible before the appointment.

We have different types of sessions, starting from 70€ and they can be customized depending on your needs.

For more information or getting an estimate, please contact us a través del siguiente formulario or call us to +34 610 99 99 77.

All photographic sessions will be done only by appointment by calling the contact telephone number or filling out the form below.

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